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Anne Oliver

anneTraining & Organizational Development

Anne Oliver has been consulting and managing in government and non-profits for over 20 years. She specializes in staff development, performance management, organizational strategy, group facilitation, communications, and conflict management. She is often asked to assist in high stakes situations with team building, strategic planning, mediation, staff training, and coaching. Anne earned her BA at UC Berkeley and her Masters in Education at St. Mary’s and holds extensive certification in facilitation, coaching, mediation, as well as teaching credentials.

Anne is committed to helping local governments grow the resilience and innovation that is increasingly asked of them. She has assisted with restructuring and reorganizing efforts, as well as sensitive negotiations around consolidating programs and services. During her tenure as Organizational Development and Training Manager for the City of Santa Rosa, Anne put together a widely recognized non-bureaucratic mentoring program to develop emerging talent and energize veteran staff.

She has developed learning programs in all areas of people management and interpersonal effectiveness including presentation skills, customer service, leading change, process improvement, managing differences, and communication. Anne is excited to be working with Regional Government Services Authorities and its partner agencies to build the “next wave” in staff training that pairs group learning with on the job coaching for application of skills.