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Betsy Adams

Betsy AdamsFinance

Betsy Adams joined RGS in 2021, with over 30 years of public sector management experience. She has served in local government in a number of capacities including purchasing manager, administrative services director, assistant city manager, city manager and as interim parks and community services director. In her various capacities she has had responsibility for central stores warehouse, facilities maintenance, technology services, media and communications, police and fire contracts, financial and administrative services, human resources, risk management and volunteer and disaster services.

Betsy has extensive experience in coordinating and developing large, complicated departmental budgets totaling $107 million. She is adept at identifying and resolving significant budget issues and developing budget balancing alternatives. She has also served as employee relations officer and chief negotiator. Her broad experience across multiple municipal departments provides her with a comprehensive management skill set which is second to none.

Betsy possesses undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration from Cal Poly, Pomona.