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Brian Moura

headshot of Brian MouraEconomic Development/Finance

Brian Moura joined RGS in 2013 and serves as a Strategic Services Consultant in the Finance, Economic Development, and Project Management service groups. He provides advisory, consulting, and management services to RGS partner agencies in many areas including municipal finance, budget, council committees, economic development, citizen engagement, social media, and information technology.

Brian has over forty years of experience in city, county, local government, and school management positions. He has expertise in many aspects of local government management such as finance, community development, economic development, technology, and human resources.

Brian has a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in public administration.

Outside of work, Brian enjoys travel, music, theater, dining and spending time with family and friends. He writes about music and home audio equipment and provides album and music reviews for publications including Positive Feedback and NativeDSD.