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Cherie Johnson

headshot of Cherie JohnsonHuman Resources

Cherie Johnson joined RGS as a Senior Advisor in 2022. She provides human resources services for RGS partner agencies and assists with RGS business development.

Prior to joining RGS, Cherie has had nearly twenty years of human resources experience in public and private sectors. Her areas of expertise include employee engagement, interest-based labor relations, conflict resolution, organizational efficiency, policy/contract administration, and risk management. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are guiding principles Cherie has purposefully layered into her service approach. She is skillful in performance management and has used her advanced education in Emergenetics personality assessments to help people find common ground and appreciate differences.

Cherie has a master’s degree in organizational psychology with an emphasis on mediation and conflict resolution. Her liberal arts bachelor’s degree focused on sports physiology.

Outside of work, Cherie enjoys architectural photography, going to the beach with her son, concocting new protein shake recipes, weightlifting, biking, and supporting human rights.