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David Spaur

David SpaurEconomic Development

David Spaur joined Regional Government Services (RGS) in 2021 as a Senior Advisor in the Economic Development service group. He serves as a consultant assisting communities and economic development organizations throughout California. Prior to joining RGS, David had more than thirty years of professional public and private sector experience in municipal management, urban planning, redevelopment, real estate development, and public finance. As a consultant and developer, as well as a municipal employee, he has served more than thirty organizations. He has prepared comprehensive strategic plans, general plans, project fiscal impact reports, and market based strategic economic development plans for multiple governmental agencies.

David has a bachelor’s degree in both geography and planning and development. He holds the equivalent of a master’s degree in economic development.

Outside of work, David races sail boats in the Monterey Bay, San Francisco Bay, and the Banderas Bay in Mexico. He also enjoys car racing, mountain biking, hiking, fly-fishing, and his three border collies: Atlas, Bia, and Cabo.