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Deputy Executive Director for Client Services Appointed

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SUBJECT: Deputy Executive Director for Client Services

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Sophia Selivanoff to the position of Deputy Executive Director for Client Services, effective January 1, 2019. Sophia joined RGS over nine years ago as an HR Advisor. She quickly built a reputation among partner agencies for her HR knowledge and a commitment to serving the best interests of our clients.

About five years ago she proposed a new model for the HR practice, one that better supported our clients with just the right combination of skills and experience from multiple experts. This model was also more cost-effective for our clients and helped both clients and RGS from a risk management perspective. Since then, she has implemented that model – gradually shifting more of her time to adding staff and building the HR practice to the point where RGS has a deep level of HR talent with dozens of professionals, multiple specialties and forty-plus active clients.

Sophia’s promotion will help RGS attain similar success on our other lines of work. She will be supporting the Leaders in all service areas and coordinating efforts to more fully realize the potential that we have. In addition, she will identify other unmet client needs and foster the development of new services. This assignment represents a long-term investment in all our service lines and in RGS’s overall financial success. Her role will include working with service line leaders and administrative staff to ensure the service groups have the processes, support, Advisor talent and outreach to meet current and emerging public agency needs. She will also help the service groups work more fluidly across group lines and continue to build multidisciplinary teams and service offerings. Sophia will provide our clients with a consistent experience with RGS, soliciting and applying customer feedback, as well as facilitating contracting, reporting, and other processes and tools to engage clients and meet their needs.


Richard H. Averett
Executive Director

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