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Guides on How to Complete and Submit FEMA COVID-19 Applications

Applicants can directly apply for PA through Grants Portal using the COVID-19 Streamlined Project Application. Streamlined Project Application Process for COVID-19, FEMA’s finalized first iteration of the COVID-19 Streamlined Project Application, the one-stop-shop for all applicants applying for Cat B assistance under a COVID declaration. This is the foundational element of the direct application process.

  • The project application includes detailed introductory text and instructions, a baseline project application, and schedules to be filled out based on project-specific circumstances.

Resources for Applicants:

  • The COVID-19 Process Overview Applicant Quick Guide provides a high-level overview of the COVID-19 process steps, including specific actions the Applicant must take.
  • The COVID-19 Completing and Submitting a COVID-19 Streamlined Project Application Applicant Quick Guide provides step-by-step instructions for Applicants on how to access and submit the project application in Grants Portal and how to track the status of uploaded projects.

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Expedited Project Process Guidance
Applicant Quick Guide Completing and Submitting a COVID-19 Project Application
Applicant Quick Guide COVID-19 Process Overview
COVID-19 Public Assistance Simplified Application Fact Sheet
COVID-19 Streamlined Project Application