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Jean Crooks

Jean CrooksOutreach & Communication

Jean Crooks is a research and marketing consultant with over twenty years of experience working with local governments, large organizations and small businesses. She came to RGS in 2021. Jean has developed content for business proposals, websites, brochures and blogs. She has produced customized digital marketing campaigns for organizations and small business owners. She has developed needs assessments, master planning, financial analysis, community outreach and funding strategies for local governments.

Jean is skilled in community market analysis, designing online community surveys and creating statistical and qualitative reports based on the resulting data. She has provided data and reports in support of public financing proposals and grant applications and is skilled in the use of financial and statistical charts, graphs and tables from project-generated data and authoritative sources to support projects. Her team provided input which allowed the City of Oakland to secure over $25 million in grants from five funding agencies. The team was also instrumental in building community support for a successful $22 million bond measure for the Snohomish, Washington School District.

Jean has a BA in Psychology from the University of Louisiana, Monroe and a Doctor of Education from Texas A&M.