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Human Resources

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Many resource-limited agencies had to make some tough decisions over the last decade, choosing between having internal finance expertise or internal HR expertise.  Often agencies chose to retain finance staff.  It seems logical to assume that with fewer overall employees, agencies would need less HR staff – but cutting professional HR staff altogether is not the only, nor the best, option for reducing costs.  Changes in employment law, FMLA/medical leaves, performance management, labor relations, affordable health care, and more can overwhelm the part-time generalist trying to manage personnel issues while serving the agency in another role.  RGS provides complete human resource management services to partner agencies, delivering director-level strategic and policy planning, as well as daily analyst-level employment, employee relations, and project services.  Our HR partnerships begin with a complete assessment of current operations, identifying critical HR compliance issues and organizational priorities followed by ongoing services which include the development and implementation of a range of administrative systems and staff development to achieve compliance and meet organizational goals.

To discuss your project need, contact:

Sophia Selivanoff

Director of Human Resources Services