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Recruitment Services

The Regional Government Services (RGS) Recruitment Team offers partner agencies comprehensive recruitment, selection, and pre-employment services for all types of public-sector jobs.  RGS uses a thorough search and screening approach, based on the best practices of merit selection, and an objective assessment of job-related qualifications and competencies. We collaborate with our partner agencies to achieve selection of high-quality employees in a timely and cost-effective manner.

What kind of agencies do we recruit for?
RGS serves local government agencies. We recruit for all types of public agencies, for example: towns, cities, counties, special districts, and state-wide projects – large and small. We are currently recruiting for several of our partner agencies. Click on the NEOGOV button link below to see current postings.
NEOGOV Jobs Recruitment

What kind of positions do we recruit for?

  • Entry level, Mid-management, Executive positions, including City/General Managers.
  • Administrative, Human Resources, Accounting, and Finance.
  • Board/City Clerks
  • Information Technology
  • Public Safety (Police and Fire)
  • Technical, i.e., Engineers, Planners, Biologist, Building Inspection, and Code Enforcement.
  • Trades, i.e., Maintenance, Water Treatment, Public Works, and Parks.

We are innovative in the way we deliver our services. Here are a few of the tools we use to administer efficient, safe, virtual, and confidential recruiting processes:

RGS Recruitment Team is uniquely experienced with remote communication and recruitment processes. As a completely remote organization, we are adept at remote project management and offer our partner agencies many ways to improve quality and reduce or maintain costs.

Even before the COVID pandemic made remote work a necessity, RGS routinely offered remote screening, interviewing, testing, and oral boards. With all the advantages of being able to communicate with applicants and panelists at a distance, we encourage agencies to consider this option.

In 2018, we purchased use of the NeoGov Insight applicant tracking system. This system allows us to provide our partner agencies ease of application for candidates, streamlined communications, and a way to easily track EEO candidate data.

In 2018, we began a relationship with eSkill, an online skills assessment provider, to offer remote skills testing. Testing administrative candidates’ accuracy and computer skills for positions where training will not be provided has been one of the most valuable benefits of this assessment tool for administrative candidates.

  • Applicant Tracking Platform
  • Online Multiple Choice and Skills Test Administration (Proctored/Non-Proctored)
  • Remote screening
  • Remote Interviews including proctored oral boards.
Our guiding principles include:
  • Using selection processes that advance candidates on the basis of merit, demonstrated competency, knowledge, skills, and abilities, and fair competition.
  • Complying with all local, state, and federal anti-discrimination and equal opportunity guidelines.
  • Maintaining high standards of integrity, conduct, and commitment to the public interest.

About Our Process
We utilize a four-stage process to guide us in developing our deliverable — a pool of qualified candidates:

Our Advisors meet with the agency’s management and staff to familiarize ourselves with your agency’s needs and the position requirements. We take the time to learn about your organization and the position to develop a strategy and recruitment plan. Then we generate an “Ideal Candidate” profile including competencies and attributes in order to target our search efforts to the most qualified candidates.

Following the completion of the planning session, we draft and design a professional job bulletin and, if appropriate, a recruitment brochure.
We use language to market each position and partner agency to provide candidates a view of the benefit for working for your agency in the position being recruited. Our marketing plans include targeted advertising and social media promotions. For challenging recruitments, we also conduct a passive candidate search for qualified individuals who are not actively seeking employment.

RGS is committed to reaching a diverse candidate pool. To support these efforts we recommend publications and websites that are focused on reaching under-served candidate populations.
The RGS' Recruitment Team uses merit principles to guide the recruitment and selection methods that are equitable, efficient, effective, and fair. The selection process is customized for each position – based on competencies and required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Our exam planning includes a discussion of the preferred approach in assessing candidates. The selection process will typically include a behavioral based in-depth interview with each candidate and may also include other selection assessments such as skills testing and/or a performance exam.

RGS receives and screens all application materials to determine the candidate’s ability to meet minimum qualifications for the position. RGS recruiters also conduct remote screening and personally speak to selected candidates during a preliminary review. They spend time to gain a solid understanding of each candidate’s technical competence and interpersonal skills, and verify minimum qualifications.

We prepare a summarized report with information obtained through the candidate screening process, including a list of qualified candidates for further consideration.

We handle all aspects of the selection process. This includes preparing appropriate materials such as interview questions, evaluation manuals, and other assessment exercises; scheduling and facilitating the interviews; deliberation of the results; and contacting both successful and unsuccessful candidates.
We provide the following services as requested:

Job Analysis and Job Descriptions:
If an agency is creating a new position, or needs to have a job description updated, RGS provides analysis and services to develop a job description.

Compensation Analysis:
RGS provides compensation comparisons and analysis.

Agency Hiring Process Support:
RGS coordinates and arranges agency hiring interviews and/or conducts a final assessment to support a partner agency in making a selection.

Conditional Job Offer:
RGS drafts a conditional job offer letter on behalf of the partner agency, if requested.

Pre-Employment Accommodation Administration:
RGS provides interactive process administration and correspondence drafts if pre-employment medical issues arise which require accommodation processes.

In-Depth Reference Checks:
Candidates are requested to provide a minimum of three to five references. In our in-depth reference checks, we speak with current and previous supervisors, peers, and direct reports. RGS recruiters are able to learn significant, detailed information from reference sources due to our commitment to each individual of confidentiality, which leads to a willingness to have an open and candid discussion. A written (anonymous) summary of the reference checks is provided.

Background Check Support:
When the candidate has accepted a conditional job offer, we can arrange for a candidate’s background check using the partner agency’s own or contract services. Searches may include records on driving, criminal and civil court, credit history, education, published news, and other sensitive items.

Contract Negotiation:
Successful negotiations are critically important, and we are available to serve as your representative in this process. With our expertise, we can advise you regarding current approaches to various components of an employment package. We can represent your interests with regards to salary, benefits, employment agreements, housing, relocation, and other aspects, with the goal of obtaining a contract agreement that is viewed as a win by both the candidate and your agency.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Data:
RGS prepares reports to track EEO candidate data to support your agency’s diversity initiatives and comply with state and federal requirement.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk about your agency’s needs, please:
Contact Kay Randolph-Pollard at 650-587-7314 or to learn about our Recruitment Services.