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Team and Organizational Effectiveness

Often improvement and development needs move beyond the individual to address issues at the team, unit, division, or organization level. Team and Organizational Effectiveness interventions target the overall health and effectiveness of an organization using a planned approach to change that aligns systems, goals, and people.

Using assessments, diagnosis, correction, and/or practice, RGS organizational development advisors help organizations solve systemic problems. Our approach emphasizes facilitation of cooperation and teamwork to identify desired results and implementation of new processes, practices, and procedures to achieve those results.

Team/Organizational Services

In order to help your agency establish direction and action toward meeting strategic goals, RGS offers a variety of solutions that strengthen and improve teams.
  • Organizational Culture Change
  • Identification of Mission, Values, Goals
  • Development of Inclusive Strategic Planning Processes
  • Leadership Retreats/Problem-Solving Sessions
  • Identification of New Technology Directions
  • Team Building
  • Team Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Goal Setting and Prioritizing
  • Workflow/Process Mapping and Development
  • Interest-Based Problem-Solving
  • Changing the Organizational Culture to Values-Based Management
In addition to our Leadership Academies, RGS provides additional services in leadership development that include:
  • Coaching New Incoming Leaders
  • Developing New Leadership Structures
  • Coaching Exiting Leaders
  • Recovering from the Effect of Past Leadership
  • Leadership Team Coaching & Facilitation
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Competency Model Development
RGS can help your agency create, share, use, and manage knowledge in your agency to help address succession planning and harness innovation and best practices. These solutions include:
  • Knowledge Sharing Processes and Tools
  • Knowledge Audits
  • Knowledge Mapping
  • Knowledge Interviews
RGS can provide impartial facilitation to resolve disputes in teams and between individuals in your agency. Our consultants are experts in negotiation and mediation to help impacted parties identify underlying causes of disputes and move toward resolution of the issues. Example solutions include:
  • Mediating conflicts
  • Facilitating Contentious or Complex Meetings
  • Assisting with Effective Organizational Communication Practices
RGS Advisors can help your agency with its mentoring needs by designing, developing, and implementing mentoring programs such as:
  • Agency-wide Mentoring Programs
  • Leadership Development Mentoring Programs
RGS Advisors can implement a variety of assessments to help your agency identify issues or needs at the individual, team, and/or organizational level. We have experience designing, building, delivering, and reporting results from a variety of complex surveys to surface feedback and information from your employees on critical organizational issues.
  • Training Needs Assessments
  • Individual/Team Assessments
  • Everything DISC® Assessments
  • Myers Briggs Assessments
  • Communication-Style Assessments
  • 360⁰ Assessments
  • Leadership Assessments
  • Conversational Style Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Climate/Culture Assessment
  • Organizational Pulse/Satisfaction Surveys
  • Assessing Trust in the Organization
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Survey Development

For more information on our organizational effectiveness solutions, contact Rich Oppenheim at 650-587-7313 or