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The highest value RGS can bring is to share our experiences with our clients, constantly refining Best Practices to provide quality expertise to the benefit of all our Partners.  Organizations with well-defined internal policies and practices are more efficient and are less likely to make mistakes.  But not every agency has the resources to hire and retain the internal talent necessary to keep key administrative functions operating at optimal levels.  To be a high-performing agency requires best practices that work.  RGS provides both long-term and short-term assistance to public agencies who want experienced, professional support creating, updating, or implementing best practices.  Administrative best practices require an in-depth understanding of human dynamics, communication techniques, complex laws, documentation requirements, and more.

Public agencies without a full complement of expert staff resources dedicated to internal administrative functions, such as HR, performance management, compensation and benefits administration, payroll, information technology, outreach/communications or financial services, can rely on RGS to take care of one or more of these important internal management activities so that the agency can focus on its core mission and services.