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RGS Services Brochure

RGS is a local government agency, staffed by experienced public sector administrators.  We know that not every agency has the resources to obtain the talent necessary to keep key administrative functions and projects operating at optimal levels. Indeed,  unique combinations of special skills and professional experience are often required, and it is difficult to find one person who has all of them. Even if an agency has the resources to obtain talent, workload often outruns capacity!

RGS offers a cost-effective solution – an administrative and project service team that can provide experienced, public sector professionals to support YOUR agency in creating, updating, or implementing administrative best practices or specific projects. To make this as simple as possible for you, an RGS team leader coordinates the team’s skills as required for completion of each specific project.

RGS professionals are constantly refining best practices and developing tools to provide quality recommendations and services to our partners. Our services and systems incorporate current legal and industry standards, are intended to be practical and simple to implement based on our own experience doing the work, and are easily adapted to an agency’s specific needs and circumstances.

Public agencies can trust RGS to take support their core mission and successful delivery of local services by thoughtful delivery of services such as:

  • Classification and Compensation
  • Communications and Engagement
  • Disability and Leave Management
  • Economic Development Projects and Programs
  • Finance, Accounting and Payroll Consultation and Services
  • Comprehensive Agency Staff Support
  • Groundwater Sustainability Agencies
  • Human Resource Management Consultation and Services
  • Land Use Planning Projects and Programs
  • NEOGOV Support Services
  • Risk Pools and Other Shared Resource Programs
  • Project Management Consultation and Services
  • Recruitment and Selection Services – All Agency Staff Levels
  • Training and Development Courses and Consultation
  • Transition Management Consultation and Services

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If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your agency’s need, please contact:
Chris Paxton
Partner Agency Relations Manager
650.587.7300 x38