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RGS Services Brochure

The highest value RGS can bring is to share our experiences with our clients, constantly refining Best Practices to provide quality expertise to the benefit of all our Partners. Best Practices are not static and immutable, but must be adapted to the agency and circumstances to work as intended. Organizations with well-defined internal policies and practices are more efficient and are less likely to make mistakes. But not every agency has the resources to hire and retain the talent necessary to keep key administrative functions operating at optimal levels. Indeed, it often takes a combination of special skills and experiences unlikely to reside in one person. In addition, that combination, even if one person possessed it, may not be needed all the time.

RGS provides an administrative service team which can efficiently provide experienced, professional support, and with assistance in creating, updating, or implementing administrative best practices. The RGS team leader will coordinate the team’s skills needed for the project.

Public agencies without a full complement of expert staff resources dedicated to administrative functions, such as HR, performance management, compensation and benefits administration, payroll, information technology, outreach/communications or financial services, can rely on RGS to take care of one or more of these important administrative activities so that the agency can focus on its core mission and services.