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Transparent Government

Regional Government Services’ (RGS) Transparent Government team is comprised of highly skilled, seasoned professionals who help public agencies build confidence and goodwill within the communities they serve. We work with cities, counties and special districts that do not have existing programs, are looking to optimize, or that are experiencing transitions. Our scalable solutions can meet your unique challenges.

The RGS Transparent Government team’s services include:

  • Agency governance and onboarding of officials
  • Brown Act meeting process coordination: set up, facilitation/clerking, minutes, uploads, signatures, etc.
  • Records management and Public Records Act request protocols and support
  • Ethics, compliance, conflict-of-interest, and mandatory training requirement tracking
  • Elections consolidation and coordination
  • Governing body strategic planning services and workshop facilitation
  • Multi-agency and cross-jurisdictional coordination
  • Staff and agency transitions
  • Project management

The RGS Transparent Government team draws on the diverse professional experience of its members and leverages data and tools to deliver meaningful coordination of services for agencies and their boards, councils, commissions, and committees. RGS maintains active partnerships with leading service providers and vendors to deliver for our clients. As a full-service agency, RGS is also well-positioned to quickly respond to your organization’s dynamic needs.

To learn more about the RGS Transparent Government services, please contact MJ Brown, CMC, at (650) 587-7300 x 78 or