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SB 2

Regional Government Services (RGS) helps keep California policing agencies compliant with new reporting requirements in SB 2.

The team: highly skilled professionals with expertise in law enforcement and human resources.

The focus: an objective records review with recommendations and justification factors.

The approach: a solution that’s tailored to your organization’s needs and bandwidth.

RGS can provide what you need to meet the July 1, 2023 deadline.

o Compliance needs assessment
o Preliminary engagement with department, labor groups, community partners, or governing body
o Community and public-facing advisory committee coordination
o Specific recommendation delivery framework
o Retroactive reporting analysis concerning serious misconduct
o Confidential review of:

- Appointments and separations
- Complaints, charges, and allegations
- Findings or recommendations by civil review or other party
- Final disposition of investigations
- Civil judgments or court filings
- Personnel files
- Investigative files

o Multi-agency and cross-jurisdictional coordination o Policy and procedure planning and implementation
o MOU audit
o Staff and agency transitions
o Public summary

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Senate Bill (SB) 2 text
POST Online Reporting training
LCW – What’s New with SB 2 webinar

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