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Disability And Leave Management

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RGS administers a comprehensive disability and leave management program designed to assess relevant medical and job information, analyze each case based on specific situational information, and provide effective employment resolution recommendations.  On-call disability and leave management services are applicable in all cases when a medical provider is treating an employee who is unable to work due to a temporary or permanent disability.

RGS Advisors have extensive experience and expertise in:

  • Appropriately obtaining and applying key medical information to lawfully manage protected leave, designing effective work modifications and arriving at appropriate employment outcomes. In cases of a work-related injury, RGS Advisors will facilitate employment resolutions in cooperation with the workers’ compensation claims adjuster to the extent possible.
  • Conducting Interactive Process Meetings; and providing all stakeholders with appropriate noticing, structure and documentation of such meetings in the interest of shared understanding and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) requirements.
  • Analyzing organizational and employee situational factors, and advising affected employees and City management personnel on appropriate employment outcomes and resolutions consistent with leave entitlements, ADA and FEHA, as well as with any pension system contract, labor agreement, or other relevant local policy or regulation.
  • Reviewing temporary or permanent work modifications and facilitating new or transitional duty assignments.

Where a return to work on any basis is not possible, RGS Advisors may also offer expert consultative guidance in the options available to resolve the employment relationship; and the processes necessary to implement the selected option.

RGS’ Disability Management Team offers an immediate and flexible solution to your complex and variable disability and leave management needs.

If you have any questions regarding this proposal, or to initiate an agreement, please feel free to contact Lead Advisor Deborah Muchmore at (650) 587-7317 or via e-mail at