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Remote/Hybrid Work

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Hybrid/Remote Research Released November 2022

RGS partnered with Probolsky Research to better understand how work flexibility models are affecting local government. The project included the employer and employee perspectives and was specific to public agencies in California.

Key findings
table showing results of survey of employers regarding remote/hybird work: 78% employers want remote/hybrid work, 92% of employers believe remote/hybrid work is here to stay, 86% of employers believe flexibility is important
Survey results – employers
Survey results – employees

Resources from RGS’ May 13 Workshop on Remote/Hybrid Work

Workshop Article
High-Level Themes from Workshop Discussion
Pre-Workshop Feedback

Helpful Remote/Hybrid Resources

Working With Multi-State Employees: Some Employer Best Practices & Resources
Winning the war for talent in the post-pandemic world
Beyond hybrid: flexible work starts with shared purpose and principles
Beyond hybrid: create shared guardrails to keep flexible work transformations on track
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We’d Like Your Feedback!

RGS is looking forward to continued conversations about remote and hybrid work. We are interested in hearing from additional agency leaders and will be convening future sessions to explore this monumental shift in how local governments get work done.

Please send any links, articles, and policy samples you think would be helpful to add to our resources.

Contact Rich Oppenheim, RGS Administrative Services Manager, at 650-587-7313, to be included in messaging about upcoming activities or to send resources.