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Elizabeth Mariano

headshot of Elizabeth MarianoFinance

Elizabeth Mariano joined Regional Government Services (RGS) in 2020 as a Senior Advisor in the Finance service group. She has been serving several partner agencies with audits, financial reporting, payroll, accounting, grant administration, and other finance and accounting projects as assigned.
Prior to joining RGS, Elizabeth had over thirty years of experience in local government accounting. Her areas of expertise include managing and performing financial activities related to revenue, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, grants administration, treasury, investments, general ledger, external audits, internal reviews, budget, and annual reports.

Elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance and has completed coursework in government accounting, income taxation, business management, and payroll.

Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family, is actively involved in church, and takes care of her aging parents. She would like to travel and see the world.