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Jolene Miller

Jolene MillerTraining & Organizational Development

Jolene Miller, “Jo”, joined RGS in 2015 as a Technical Specialist. Jo has extensive computer networking experience, expertise in personnel administration, report, letter and memo preparation, technical document editing, formatting and publishing, and meeting agenda coordination. Jo’s work experience includes being an Information Systems Technician/Help Desk Supervisor for the United States Navy.

Examples of reports Jo has developed include Business Development Proposals and Statements of Qualifications, Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Initial Study/Negative Mitigated Declaration (IS/MND), Biological Assessments (BA), Biological Resource Assessments (BRA)Wetland Delineations (WD), Natural Environmental Assessment (NES), General Plans (GP), Climate Action Plans (CAP), Zoning Codes (ZC), and Housing Elements (HE). She is proficient in formatting Caltrans documents and in preparing permit packages and Planning Commission Agendas. She also served as network administrator and provided Information Technology support for 3,500 officers and enlisted personnel within a shipboard environment.