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Local Government Resources for Power Outages and Natural Disasters

Local governments are the first line of defense and support for our communities working with the Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS). It is critical to make sure our agencies are prepared for long-term losses of power and have plans in place on how to continue essential city services and how to keep our communities informed. We know many agencies have had to scramble to address these sudden power shutoffs, and some have had to acquire essential equipment to ensure continuity.

PSPS Grant Support to Cities
For those local agencies in need, the State has made available the 2019-20 Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Resiliency Allocation to Cities.
• These funds are being made available for California incorporated cities to prepare for and respond to Public Safety Power Shutoff events. Funds appropriated may be used to procure fixed, long term emergency electrical generation equipment, continuity plans, risk assessments for critical infrastructure, post event reports, public education materials or supplies to prepare for electric disruption.
• The application due date is November 4.
• See the PSPS RFP Cities for more detailed information.

Current Information
We know there is a great deal of information and speculation during these times, and we encourage our partners and fellow agencies to use the newly launched State website to keep up to date on current statewide fire activity and the continued PSPS operations.

Local Agency Support
The Regional Government Services Authority Team provides unmatched experience and technical expertise for helping local agencies recover financially from a disaster. Comprised of former leaders from local and state governments, as well as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), our team of experts has firsthand experience with responding to disasters and managing disaster recovery efforts in cities, counties, and special districts across California. If your agency is currently in need of assistance or wanting to prepare for the next event, our team is available to support you. For more information on RGS Emergency Management Services, email Steven Hancock or call him at 650.587.7300 x11

Links to Helpful Resources
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