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Executive and Management Coaching

Coaching is a powerful and important resource for local government leaders to set an accelerated course for development and results.  It involves focused one-on-one assistance on specific goals you wish to achieve.

Clients seek coaching when they have a desire to be more effective, accomplish new goals or need support in their quest for personal development. Our coaches help clients who self-refer by:

  • Assisting in the identification of goals
  • Performing initial assessments
  • Developing a coaching plan
  • Reinforcing transfer of concepts learned in training sessions through applied practice and feedback

Additional Information

Some coaching clients are referred by their manager and may have specific, mandated goals to accomplish through the coaching process. This coaching is directly related to performance on the job. Our coaches help clients referred by their managers by:
  • Assisting the manager in establishing clear performance goals to be accomplished
  • Working with the client to develop a coaching plan to move forward
  • Involving the manager at key intervals for feedback and dialogue on how the client is progressing.
Coaching sessions cost $200 per hour. Multiple coaching sessions can be purchased at lower rates. Additionally, RGS Academy alumni may purchase coaching sessions at discounted rates. To get more information or to schedule coaching sessions, contact Richard Oppenheim at 650-587-7313 or

# of Coaching SessionsCost
1 Session $200
2 Sessions$400
3 Sessions$600
4 Sessions$750
5 Sessions$925
6 Sessions$1100
RGS is available to help your agency institute a coaching program. Our talented coaches can provide as needed coaching services to your agency’s employees. We can create a custom package and market the program internally at your agency. Agency staff can select among our coaches to find the coach that is most aligned with what they want to achieve.
Please click below to learn more about our coaches to help you select the best fit for your goals.

For more information on our coaching program, contact Rich Oppenheim at 650-587-7313 or